Drinking-Water Purification Tablets

Point of Use Water Purification Tablets

Many water sources throughout the globe remain contaminated and need a variety of disinfection. Filtration can’t be trusted because it doesn’t remove viruses. For over 100 years, chlorination of drinkable has been one of the only means of improving public health within the developing world.

Every year there are 2 million diarrhoeal deaths related to unsafe water, sanitation, and hygiene—the vast majority among children under 5. More than one billion people lack access to an improved water source. Household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS) interventions can lead to dramatic improvements in drinking water quality and reductions in diarrhoeal disease—making an immediate difference to the lives of those who rely on water from polluted rivers, lakes, and in some cases, unsafe wells or piped water supplies. ref WHO.

Ef-Chlor enables areas without access to water disinfection systems to benefit from the advantages of chlorination without any infrastructure requirements in a speedy and cost-effective manner.

They are simple to use, easily transported, cost-effective and affordable to low-income groups.

Disaster Emergency Water Purification

The need for safer drinking water is never more acute than the period that immediately follows a natural disaster.

Hind Pharma works with key international NGOs to reduce suffering during human and natural disasters.

With 42 years of experience in responding to disasters around the world, Hind Pharma is well-positioned in helping with any crisis with its Ef-Chlor water purification brand.

We have stock of water purification tablets on hand in 45 Countries around the world to aid speedy distribution when a disaster strikes.

Point of Entry Water Purification

General application in(Drinking Water & Water Tank)
Hospitals / Bio waste
Veterinary / Animal Feed Supplements
1. Poultry
2. Aqua (Fish)
3. Pig / Cattle – Live stock
4. Dairy / Vegetable / Fruit Washing / Food Processing / Hotel Industries / Kitchen

Ef-Chlor Peacekeeping

Ef-Chlor is water purification tablets used by  NATO, British army, Indian Army , French army, German army, Russian army, American Special forces, Indonesian army, Singaporean army, Finnish army, Polish army, Canadian mounted police and many more defence and peacekeeping forces around the world.

All tablets have a 30 minute treatment time.

Ef-Chlor 3.5mg – for 1 litre of water
Ef-Chlor 8.5mg – for 1-2 lt of water
Ef-Chlor 17mg – for 3-4 lt of water
Ef-Chlor 33mg – for 5 lt of water
Ef-Chlor 67mg – for 10 lt of water
Ef-Chlor 8.68g  – for 2500 lt of water
Ef-Chlor Granules – for all sizes greater than 50000 litres including water tankers and fixed systems.
Backpack/hydration pack disinfection tablet – For disinfection and creating safe the inner elements and water storage units of private hygiene packs.

Ef-Chlor Travel & Camping

Ef-Chlor is ideal for treating water to drink during international travel and throughout camping stays.

Water treated with Ef-Chlor is ready to drink within 30 minutes.

Ef-Chlor for larger water treatment

Tablets and granules are available to treat from 1 litre to 50000 litres depending on your needs.

See Ef-Chlor Product Range for a listing of all Ef-Chlor tablets.