Drinking Water In Emergency Situations

Ef-Chlor are used by all major aid agencies, NGOs, and peacekeeping / defense forces worldwide for the treatment of human drinking water in emergency situations.Ef-Chlor work with key international NGOs to reduce suffering during human and natural disasters. With 26 years experience in responding to disasters around the world, we are well positioned in helping with any crisis. Stocks of water purification tablets are on hand in 45 Countries around the world aiding in speedy distribution when a disaster strikes.

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Ef-Chlor for fast treatment of water

Dosage is in accordance with published specifications for emergency use at 5 mg per litre chlorine

Ef-Chlor 3.5 mg  For  1 litre of water
Ef-Chlor 8.5 mg For 1-2 lt of water
Ef-Chlor 33mg  For 5 lt of water
Ef-Chlor 67mg  For 10 lt of water
Ef-Chlor 167mg  For 20 lt of water
Ef-Chlor 1.67g  For 200 lt of water
Ef-Chlor 8.68g  For 1000 lt of water
Ef-Chlor Granules For all volumes greater than 1000 litres

All tablets have a 30 minute treatment time.

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Other Emergency / Disaster products from Ef-Chlor

Ef-Chlor MultipurposeTablets

Ef-Chlor Multipurpose Tablets are used for surface disinfection and general purpose use in field hospitals and other care facilities. For further information click here

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