Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets

Ef-Chlor is the world’s most trusted Water Purification Tablets
Each tablet is added to drinking water to kill the most harmful micro-organisms. The tablet dissolves clear within minutes and disinfects the water within 30 minutes.
Ef-Chlor tablets are available in the following tablet strengths: 3.5mg, 8.5mg, 17mg, 33mg, 67mg; 167mg, 1.67gm, 2.5gm & 8.68gm depending on the volume and nature of water to be treated, the above-sized tablets are suitable for volumes of water ranging from1 liter to 2,500 liters. The tablets are presented in strips of 10 tablets with a shelf life of 3 years or 5 years

Each Ef-Chlor Tablet contains a measured dose of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, commonly referred to as NaDCC. When added to water Ef-Chlor dissolves to release a measured dose of Hypochlorous Acid (free available chlorine) that is universally recognized as a safe and effective water disinfectant.

For water purification / disinfection

If the water is relatively clear / clean then a dosage rate of 2 mg of chlorine per liter can be used. If the water is dirty it should either be filtered through a cloth such as a t-shirt or allowed to sit until the sediment settles down and then decant off the clear water. Where dirty water needs to be treated or the water is suspect 5 mg of chlorine per liter dosage rate should be used.

For surface disinfection in Kitchens 

Dose at a concentration of 100 mg of chlorine per liter

For high-risk hospital areas 

Dose at a concentration of 1000 mg of chlorine per liter

For general hospital /clinical surface disinfection

Dose at a concentration of 200 mg of chlorine per liter

For fruit & vegetable disinfection

Dose at a concentration of 300 mg of chlorine per liter

Ef-Chlor has a five-year shelf-life in strip packs and a three-year shelf-life in Jars. All tablet products should be protected from exposure to temperature extremes or high humidity.

  • Drink plenty of milk or water. Although Ef-Chlor are non-toxic, as ever with these matters you should always seek medical advice at your earliest opportunity.

No, unlike other water purification treatments such as Iodine or Chlorine Dioxide, Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets will not color the water or leave an unpleasant taste. NaDCC works very differently from traditional chlorine, and as such, it is very difficult to taste any chlorine in treated water. There is usually less of a chlorine taste in water treated with Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets than there is in any municipal tap water.

Yes, Ef-Chlor® can be used to make water safe for WASHING fruits, vegetables, spinach, and other produce, use Ef-Chlor for 1 or 20 L. When the desire is to DISINFECT fruits, vegetables, spinach, and other produce, a higher dose is required. Please contact us for more information.

7 days in any sealed container or spray bottle. 24 hours in an open container or bucket.

No problem just put the pieces in the container and add water

In most situations, water treated with Ef-Chlor® is safe to drink after 30 minutes. In some temperatures and conditions, 60 minutes might be recommended. Please see the dosage chart included with each product for more information.

Ef-Chlor® are produced to pharmaceutical standards by an ISO 9001/2015 quality-assured company.

Yes, Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets efficiently work.

Ef-Chlor is the world’s no 1 water purification tablet ( SODIUM DICHLOROISOCYANURATE NaDCC ). They are effervescent tablets that kill microorganisms in the water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other water-borne diseases.

Ef-Chlor Water Purification Tablets are also very important when engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping and might prove a very important accessory especially in areas with little or no potable water. By simply harvesting some rainwater or water from a stream or river, dropping some tablets into the bottle, and allowing the water to sit for a couple of minutes can prevent dehydration or water-borne diseases.

For small quantities ( personal use ) our product is available on amazon.
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